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Whether yours is a residential property, business office or luxury resort, you want to have lush landscaping and beautiful garden spaces. Here at Nature Care, we are your full-service plant nursery and landscaping business in the Southern Caribbean. Our experienced designers, maintenance staff and horticulturalists offer the ideal products and services tailored to your landscaping and garden needs in Barbados, St. Vincent and The Grenadines

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Garden Centre

We offer a wide range of plants, pots, ornaments and tools in our Garden Centres located at Christ Church in Barbados and in Layou in St. Vincent. Our knowledgable staff can help you decide on the right landscaping features and provide you with all the supplies for your new plants such as pots, fertilizers, gardening tools, and other products. In addition, we also offer short-term plant rentals for special events and occasions



From small residential properties to large five star resorts, Nature Care has the experience, expertise and resources to successfully implement your project. We will get involved at the conceptualization stages to assist in the design process. During construction to ensure that existing trees and other important landscaping features are protected. And manage other sub contractors to make it easier for you to coordinate the many different activities on a building site.


Garden Maintenance

Reduce the amount of time and work of trying to personally maintain your garden. Our experienced staff at Nature Care offers the labor solutions you need to effectively take care of any property if you need a full-time gardener or part-time maintenance crew. Whether it is a backyard, office space, resort recreational area or green space in a park, we have the resources, manpower, and expert advice so you can have a lush and green landscape.



Neglected grass can turn an otherwise attractive landscape into a yellow and patchy eyesore. Beautiful shrubs into wilted, withering sticks. Automatic drip and sprinkler systems have become an absolute necessity in our increasingly busy lives. That’s why Nature Care is here, providing you with irrigation systems and maintenance.


A lovely garden should be enjoyed after dark as much as in the day. Well positioned lights can create a luminous vision that accentuates your pathways, structures and beautiful plants. Landscape lighting done professionally can add a sense of character and drama to your home.

School & Workshops

Want to know what types of plants grow well in shady areas, what fertilizers to use in poor soil conditions, or how to incorporate new plants into your landscape without endangering existing plant life and trees? We offer full NVQ certification for the serious gardeners or one day workshops for hobyists.

Our Team

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Need plants, pots or other garden supplies? We have what you are looking for to improve the quality and beauty of your property. Shop for the products and plants you need, or contact our helpful customer representatives if you have any questions or concerns


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Our Plans & Pricings

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Garden Tool Kit
$184.00 Kit Price
25ft Hose: $61.60
Fork: $33.65
Rake: $47.49
Spade; $39.46
Spray Bottle: $22.61
Reg Price: $204.81
Garden Accents Kit
$143.18 Kit Price
Cushion: $50.08
Cushion: $49.69
Lantern: $47.96
Clay Pot: $7.13
Saucer: $4.23
Reg. Price: $159.09
Plant Care Kit
$470.00 Kit Price
Potting Bench: $428.38
Clay Pot 7": $7.13
Clay saucer 6.5": $4.23
Gloves: $9.03
Hand Transplanter: $21.02
Hand Cultivator: $20.05
Hand Weeder: $21.06
Potting Mix: $12.00
Reg Price: $522.90
Furniture Kit
$ 1 314.00 Kit Price
Wooden Bench: $810.15
Wooden Table: $310.28
2 Cushions: $139.42
Plant bowl: $44.61
Wooden tray: $158.63
Lantern: $82.83
Reg. Price: $1 545.92



Rising Sun Road, Balls, Christ Church BB17046, Barbados

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Keep track of industry news, landscaping tips and maintenance advice. Our professional staff will be offering guidance that can be used immediately by do-it-yourselfers so they increase the health of their plants while beautifying their landscapes.

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