Our Mission

High quality horticultural services products and services to meet the needs of customers, while generating value for staff and shareholders.

Nature Care is a full-service horticultural and landscaping company serving the needs of residents and commercial businesses in the Southern Caribbean region. We have our main office in Christ Church, Barbados, and have expanded to open Nature Care SVG in St. Vincent in 2003.


We provide a range of landscaping, groundskeeping and property maintenance services to create and maintain the built environment. We offer landscape design and construction, grounds maintenance, horticulture products and short term plant rentals. We work in any indoor and outdoor environment for homes, villas, offices, and luxury resort locations as we bring our extensive horticulture knowledge, creativity and professionalism to our beautiful communities.


As the market leader in the horticultural industry, we have designed and implemented some of the largest landscaping projects for our clients. Nature Care has also become a centre for training the next generation of horticulturalists, landscape contractors and do-it-yourself residents.

Meet Our Team

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Our Plans & Pricings

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Garden Tool Kit
$184.00 Kit Price
25ft Hose: $61.60
Fork: $33.65
Rake: $47.49
Spade; $39.46
Spray Bottle: $22.61
Reg Price: $204.81
Garden Accents Kit
$143.18 Kit Price
Cushion: $50.08
Cushion: $49.69
Lantern: $47.96
Clay Pot: $7.13
Saucer: $4.23
Reg. Price: $159.09
Plant Care Kit
$470.00 Kit Price
Potting Bench: $428.38
Clay Pot 7": $7.13
Clay saucer 6.5": $4.23
Gloves: $9.03
Hand Transplanter: $21.02
Hand Cultivator: $20.05
Hand Weeder: $21.06
Potting Mix: $12.00
Reg Price: $522.90
Furniture Kit
$ 1 314.00 Kit Price
Wooden Bench: $810.15
Wooden Table: $310.28
2 Cushions: $139.42
Plant bowl: $44.61
Wooden tray: $158.63
Lantern: $82.83
Reg. Price: $1 545.92